Become A TS-Rockdoll Model

What We're Looking For

MALE models to appear and be featured on TS-Rockdolls
FEMALE models to appear and be featured on TS-Rockdolls
TRANSSEXUAL models to appear and be featured on TS-Rockdolls


Models between the ages of 18 - 30 ( ID required for proof of age )
Living in the United States
Valid ID ( Passport or Drivers License preferred )
Fully Functional, Top and Bottom, and MUST be able to Cum
Note: ( Tranny models on hormones, you need to stop a week or two before the photo / video shoot )

What You Need To Do To Prepare

Every Model always wants to look their best and give their best effort during a photo/video shoot and that comes with a little preparation on your part as the model. #1. Any physical things you need to do we suggest you do before the shoot: manicure, pedicure, shaving, hair coloring, haircut, etc. That way you look, know and feel your best with the way you look. #2. Attitude. Everyone is a fan of most of the Modeling TV shows out nowdays and as they say "you need to project attitude" during your shoot.

But also having a good low key down to earth attitude during the shoot helps things go a long way. A good photo / video shoot can last up to two or more hours, so a good attitude and patience is needed. We understand that sitting and posing under hot lights for long periods of time can be very tiring, so applying your good attitude and patience can help us get that work done as soon as possible. Photo / video shoots can be a lot of work, but they can be a lot of fun as well. That all depends on you.

What You Will Be Asked To Do

First and foremost you MUST be comfortable with being nude. There will be a series of photos: Glamour shots, Erotic shots, Semi nude shots and Explicit Nude shots. This is an adult porn site, nudity and explicit acts are a MUST. You will be asked to pose: spread eagle, doggy style, fully aroused, playing with yourself, playing with dildos, vibrators and other toys, giving and receiving both oral and anal intercourse.

You will be working solo and / or with a partner. You will also be asked to cum during the photo / video shoot. You need to be comfortable with being top, being bottom, being dominate and being submissive. If you think you can not do ANY of the things listed, then maybe this is not the modeling job for you. This is an explicit adult site, not an online beauty contest.

Is This Something For You

If you feel this is something you'd love to do, contact us at with your full details: Age, Location, Email Address, Contact Phone Number ( Mobile and/or Landline ) and Sample Photos. Please Submit 7 Samples.

Submit Photos

• Face ( 1 Photo )
• Face & Chest ( 1 Photo )
• Right Face Profile ( 1 Photo )
• Left Face Profile ( 1 Photo )
• Full Front Nude ( 1 Photo )
• Full Back Nude ( 1 Photo )
• Spread Eagle ( 1 Photo )

Best Results

• Practice posing in a mirror
• Use a white background
• Choose a well-lit area
• Light makeup
• Photos taken from a lower angle are more flattering
• Do not retouch the photos
• Should be 800x600 and 500kb
• Relax and have fun!

Customer Support

Problems Feel Free
Contact The CS Dept