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Tranny Awards Official Nominated

Of course this means you might just wake up one morning sore with unexplained bruises but I still Love you ALL!!!!

She's twisted steel and sex appeal a sweet little shemale but shes set loose on a psycho holiday somewhat less than an angel and so much more than the beast temptation under tungsten and she wants to get inside your head.

What depravity have I planned for this week's update? What outrage should I try on next? What limits shall I test? What steampunk rock-n-roll twisted metal jet fuel burning inferno of sheer sexual indulgence awaits?  One of these days Im going to give up on my evil ways... just not today...

April Update 4 Way Diablo


Tiffany Starr, Tempest, Kennadie Havoc and Destiny Love


Tempest has got a nasty reputation and one hell of an Appatite - If a four way diablo with Tiffany Star, Kennadie Havoc and Destiny Love aint Heaven I dont know what is.

Tempest knows how to fuck like a beast and when Destiny said her name was Love she wasnt lying because the sex magic we had together was more wicked than an animal dance including a legendary porn moment where Tempest did a live 10 second count down to a pop shot of  hot cum all over Destiny's willing body - pedal to the metal never touching the ground.

Tiffany on the other hand wasnt to be left behind nearly destroying Kennadie and  nearly bringing the set down with the massive fucking she laid into that girls willing ass.  This scene was hit and run all the way, you could smell the sexual energy in the air as soon as we all got the same room together which always makes for the best porn... the kind where you dont even care if the camera is on....


December Update Tempest Vanessa


She said go to Hell - I said I needed a Ride


Listen up Tempest is talking -

"Im  going to tell you about Vanessa she's the kind of girl maybe you already know, found her at a back yard party that never ends so I just had to take her home

- she said she had never been fucked by another girl so she told me where I could go to hell

- I told her I needed a ride.  

-One of these days Ill change my evil ways but not today."


August Update Tempest And Rebeka Refuse


Whores of Babylon


Tempest and Rebeka Refuse - Whores of Babylon

Tempest is the Eminent Mother of All Sin and she has a thing or two to teach the latest Whore of Babylyon Rebeka Refuse - its near religion when you look at the sway of her butt, devine worlds collide and empires fall for the love of this slut.

"The woman was clothed in purple and scarlet, and adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls, having in her hand a gold cup full of abominations and of the unclean things of her immorality, 5and on her forehead a name was written, a mystery, "BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." Book of Revelations 17

"No sympathy for the devil; keep that in mind. Buy the ticket, take the ride..." - Hunter S Thompson


July Update Tempest Vs Emma Game On


Tempest and Emma Game ON


June Update Tempest Black Lace Beggers Bargain



Tempest will give you what you want if you give her what she needs.  Kneel down and worship your queen.  Come lay with the Lioness only sheep follow lambs.


June Update 2 Tempest and Bella - Modern Throwbacks



Tempest and Bella in a special 70's era Kodachrome vintage photo set to the light of vacuum tubes and lava lamps - pyschedeonaughts from the land that time forgot here to breathe in the smoke and free your mind.


March Update Tempest is your Shemale Priestess



Tempest offers warm embrace with instincts set on human prey, a fountain of life with the ticking bomb of a reptile mind here to set your heart on fire with bolts of lust.


January Update 2 Tempest Atomic Tribal Queen



Your high class girl thinks knows what you need, but I know Im the only one that knows what you want.  Im not here to be your friend and I dont need you to call or send flowers when I got Atomic Sex Love magic to light you up like a burning star.


January  Update  Tempest is Back In Black



Shemale Superstar Tempest is back in black like a dream of hope,a dream of change,of fire,of love, of sex and death,and when it happens,the dream becomes real. How real is real for you?  The body thrives when the heart has a mission. Do you Obey the demons that whisper in your ear?


December Update 1 Tempest and Emmaraye Vilhelmmas

Punk and Belligerent



Tempest and Emmaray Vilhelmmas Get Punk and Belligerent together - It dosent matter that you dont want to make conversation about the Alien invasion, sanity is a game we never get to play anyway and we've broken all our toys so its time to get a message to you.  Two smoking hot Goth/Punk T-Girls, Two HUGE hard cocks, one dirty rock n roll studio and one dirty mindset that leads to them sucking and fucking like crazy makes for a good night anytime. 


November BONUS Member Content - Tempest Does MOTORHEAD




Tempest Responded to an open photoshoot call for Models and fans to promote Motorheads new album AFTERSHOCK - and in the process became the first TS model featured on the Motorhead official Page.  Is it no wonder - this girl is metal through and through with the Ace of Spaces etched under her skin and a massive wall of amplifiers behind her she is the embodyment of ROCK. This is a special PG bonus shoot for both Tempest and MOTORHEAD fans alike.


November Update 2  Zebra Tribal Star Child 




Like a Star Child Champion Shemale Superstar Tempest is back in tribal zebra stripes and has declaired holy sexual war with SPUNK Lube Greasing her favorite weapeon.  Get down on your knees and open wide the revolution is about to start and your going to like it!


November Update 1  Red and Blue Tattoo 




More of Shemale Superstar Tempest and she will get under your skin like a rose tattoo and sting twice as hard... just like the new ink she is sporting and while we are speaking of hard...


October Update 3 Part 2 of VOODOO LOVE  




More VOODOO LOVE from Shemale Tempest and Rico Steel - Ill think of something evil to put here later time to get part 2 of this hot hardcore scene up right now


October Update 2 SLUT in pink and Black  




Shemale Superstar Tempest is a SLUT - A redlight lane pussy in permanet heat working that hotel on lonely street set those demons free and knock you off your feet...   like you didnt already know that....


October Update VooDoo Love Pt1 - Tempest & Rico Steel  




You put Tempest and Rico Steel and you get the only thing that could possibly result

Voodoo Love - this shoot is so massive it couldnt be contained in just one set so we had to break it up into two parts that you are sure to enjoy - stay tuned true believers there will be more to CUM!



September Update Sex and Spiders - Tempest  




"I made a deal with the Devil. Big surprise. It didn’t exactly work out in my favor."




August Update OutLaw Schoolgirl - Tempest  




"Rebels are a way for the system to test itself. Embrace what lifts you up - walk away from that which does not" - Tempest




July Update 2 Strictly Not for the Innocent - Tempest  




Hung Shemale dream girl Tempest Is strictly not for the innocent - but of course you already knew that



July Update The Return of Meechi - Tempest takes nearly 11" 




Shemale Tempest



June Update 2 Tempest SlutPuppy Cowgirl In Red




Shemale Tempest



June Update Tempest Rock Doll in Black n White




Shemale Tempest



April Update 2 Tempest SPUNKS it up in Leopard Print




Shemale Tempest Spunks it up in Leopard Print for the Cam



April Update Tempest & Michelle Austin




Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll and BBW Superstar Michelle Austin

Joy Bang One time... slut puppies... Joy BANG!



March update 2 YARRR




Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll Is perfectly Willing to be used as a

Bad Example if anyone needs one

Or A Pirate - Ok OK - Mainly a Pirate  - YARRRR



March update Sparkle Fuck




Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll Decided to finally go GLAM

Sparkle Fucker - Anything you like - Even with your Wife.




Febuary update Pink Slut Puppy




 Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll

I dont believe there's such a thing as a "Little Sin" so why not go all out...




January update 2 Treasure in Tophat




Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll
She Moves like poetry under pressure - memories and anecdotes and eyeball kicks, intellects disgorged in total recall - we hear the wolfchilds call



January update 1 Spikes



 Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


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