December update 2 Lincon Librarian Tranny Slut



 Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


December update 1 Hippy in the Dark



Tempest Aint No Hippy thats for sure - she will say just about anything to get you on the floor
- Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


November update 2 Red Punk School Girl



I seriously think I might be Evil
Punk School Girl Cam Session - Featuring Spunk Lube -
Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


November update 1 B&W Stripes



 Hard at work in the porn mines again
Its snowing in Minneapolis there are men out there in the snow and cold that need to Masturbate - I cant let them down
Latest set from Tempest and TS-ROCKDOLLS.COM
Black and White Stripes - and yeah Im wearing an eye patch for no obvious reason - the voices inside my head told me to do it - deal with it


October update 3 Darkside



Bad Seeks Good - Just Like Dark Seeks light
Darksider - Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


October update 2 Pink Pony tail XCam



Another bonus set from my Cam shows - featured exclusively here on TS-ROCKDOLLS
Pink Pony tail SlutPuppy XCam - Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


October update 1 Tempest & Lucia

Psycho Punk and the Class Act



Tempest and Lucia make one hell of a hot Shemale Duo. Together They are the Psycho Punk And the Class act... Tempest in her fishnets, vinyl corset and punk-a-billy cowboy hat, Lucia in her classy yet micro mini dress that leaves little to the imagination. Together we are Erotic Chaos and all your gods are dead, Ill be your favorite saint and sweet sister of madness and I want inside your head
Tempest and Lucia - Psycho Punk and the Class Act - Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


September update 3 Green Hell



My first bonus set from my Cam shows - featured exclusively here on TS-ROCKDOLLS
Im NOT the Girl Next Door - Im the BITCH that lives Across the Street!
GREEN HELL - Shemale Tempest TS RockDoll


September Update 2 Woman of Steel



Woman of Steel 


September Update Stripes



Its a shemale tale so its hard to use words, Tempests hard cock and dangerous curves that dont stop for any red light.  Its moon struck sexual madness, wham bang Bam-Boozled as her hand traces the lines of her thigh to deeper and harder depths.

You wouldnt believe me if I told you lies so youll have to see for yourself.

August Update  2 Pink Thunder



Im a Soul Bender with an artists eye for pink speaking in seven languages of sin, wont you lend me your ear and let me in. 
Ill have you holding on like your going to fall, all hot and wild and your sexual frenzie whipped like a stepchild.   Digg it SlutPuppy!


August Update White Wasteland & Gasmask




Tempest White Wasteland Gasmask, a Cast Iron Riding Crop and Heavy Duty Gas Mask

She's a hell rider on a gasoline feed, come and get her if you can.

True Belivers - What more could you possibly you want?  Join up SlutPuppies...



July Update Tempest and Victoria




Tempest makes a slut machine out of  New Cummer Victoria with a special candid SUPER8mm Film footage of what happens after the photo shoot that is smoking hot



July Update 2 Tempest & Bella




Tempest the seduction of Bella Belluci - Sex in T-girl Nation - its a shemale civilization



June Update 2 Steam Gun


Tempest listens when Steam Punk Madnes calls, you know its a strange illusion that is cause for Sexual Confusion.

 Join Tempest and Her Steam Gun - When its wrong its oh so right 



June Update 2 Tempest is MASKED



Shemale Punk Rock Goddess Tempest Masked and Unmasked -

its a flash of Sexual lightning on the sky direct from the future and back as a full moon sails by.



May Update Tempest & Brittany St Jordan Pt 2




New photo shoot Sex and Outeage Backstage with Tempest as Tranny GaGa,

Our Second video featuring Music by Chicago Indusial Metal Band W.O.R.M.

I think the aliens have been talking to me again... I think they are paying my phone bill these days so I accept all their calls



April Update 2 TSRD Tranny GaGa



New photo shoot Sex and Outeage Backstage with Tempest as Tranny GaGa,

Our Second video featuring Music by Chicago Indusial Metal Band W.O.R.M.

I think the aliens have been talking to me again... I think they are paying my phone bill these days so I accept all their calls



April Update  TSRD The Corruption of EVE



Once upon a time a long time ago, deep in the garden where the four rivers flow with waters more than ten tousand years old

Tempest is more determined to spread sin than the whore of Babylon when she discovers the innocent Eve (Wendy Summers)

in her garden... Empires would fall from the devistating fucking Tempest pounds like she's going to war to corrupt

As she is asked "What's Piledriver?"  and pounds that innocent ass by the innocent little soon to be slut...

Corruption of Eve?  Indeed!



March Bonus Update  Tempest and Brittany St Jordan Hardcore Photo Set Part 1




Even blind men would call us wicked names, She talked like Jesus so I told her let us pray but you know its going to be a sin...


March Update 2  - TSRD BITCH

Shemale Super Vixen Tempest is a Fall out damage girl, trigger crazy from the fire fight and addicted to it. 

I just gotta pull on the pistol one more time and show this gun some love…

 Get down on your knees just like a plastic preacher, trip out on the love goddess fascination and you will have everything you ever wanted… BITCH


March Update  - SKULL BEDSET

There are things I wanted that I could never get but Im no fool I wont stand for no rules I'll make my own instead

I got a new love sensation on my skull bedset and its wild and wonderful. Let sister love set you free with a new love sensation

and she goes by the name Tempest. 


Febuary Update #2 - Fishnet Powered Dreamland

No time for heaven but there's time for the sweetness of Sin

Trip out on a fishnet clad love facination in dreamlandand let your rocket engines carry you to Mars.  Tempest is burning so hot the walls are about to start shaking,

she may not be breaking the laws but it feels just that good that you will feel like you are. 


Febuary Update - Tempest is the Demolition Dance

The God of Lust Aint Dead he was just sleeping late along with Doctor Jekyll and Me

The Aliens have been talking to me while Im asleep and I got Ten new ways to nail you to the floor with leather heels all wrapped up in Sex and Metal.

This feaver pitch bitch will bite if you pull my tail, let me take control and lets get lost in the twilight zone.  Now shut up because I can hear what your thiniking!


January UPDATE - Tempest's Clockwork Confessor and the Devil's Toy

If you found yourself in a graden and saw a tree with an apple you can bet that I would be the snake.  One of these days Ill give up my evil ways... just not today 

January Update 2 Tempest Presents -Hot Pink Balls and the Alien Love Song


Our Patron Saint and Sinner Tempest makes These Scenes Blaze with The Heat of Holy Gasoline being Poured on The Sacred Sexual Flame of an Alien Love Song


Members BONUS area Update!  Tempest Shows that she Truly is A PORN SATURATED ROCK SAVAGE



A special little Preview of some of the Candid Bonus Material in our Members Section.  Sweaty Raw look at Tempest candidly on and off Stage,  So much more than an Angel, the Electrified Metal Clad Spirital incarnation concieved from Mother Moon and A Jaguar Father.  A Rock n Roll Gender Outlaw like no other T-Girl on this Planet or any other and she comes on like a Metal Avalanche. 

Special thanks to all the Fans and Photographers for all the Fantastic Photos and granting Tempest Permission to share them with the world.  Individual imaged remain Copyright of their owners where indicated.


Blonde Threat

Yes I've been gone way too long from the Sacred Flame and this ceremony of Love. It's Kinda like having Divine Sex Intervention in the back of a Dirty Limousine, not what you expected but it sure is fun.

Shotgun Resurrection Mother

my resurrection is in need of some psychedelic sexual healing like an atom bomb, I want to fuck till there's no time left for religion.

Somebody find me a couple Angels who are willing to drop their halo's because I have a mission that would even singe the devils wings.

Golden Age Of Steam Punk

I let my imagination loose and it wont get back in the cage so your all going to be stuck with it now, its already too late for me, sex and celluloid all wrapped up in a fever dream.

If I were you Id call the FBI or change my name before it finds you.

Here Be Pirates

By the firelight's last glimmer and the coming of dawn, Let the winds fill the sales, nailed to the mast both Bastard and Bitch I will stand strong...


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Eros Minnesota Transsexual Escorts

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